What do you get when you throw two twenty-somethings together? 

It’s a great question, and the answer is Karl and Katherine! 

One is a lover of Australian TV Drama (well actually it’s just Doctor Doctor) and trains, the other is obsessed with the latest celebrity news and reality tv !  

We are sure you’ll enjoy their embarrassingly #relatable chats – What situation has Katherine found herself in this week? We don’t know but hilarity will ensue (we hope!) and what social media trend or public transport story is Karl going to share with us ? 

The Team


Karl Bianco has been dominating the Melbourne radio scene for years, and has no plans of slowing down. Whilst currently succeeding as a button pushing extraordinaire (of a panel he claims, although the jury is still out) across Melbourne’s biggest commercial radio stations, it is his earlier work that set his sights on the glitz and glam of show business.

He is best known for his work performing a Nickleback song via trumpet live on air many moons ago for Radio Veterans Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett, along with his one act stint as The Wizard of Oz in his primary school production, but please don’t bring it up he doesn’t like to talk about it- signed headshots will be available for purchase on the site soon

When Bianco isn’t talking into a microphone, he spends his time being an Anton Ego tribute act- fiercely reviewing local eateries, likes to reflect on the couple of years the Richmond football club were half decent, and is flat out running Doctor Doctor fan accounts on social media.

He can be found on social media through his exclusive social media handle @karlbianco


Katherine Powell is a Media Professional and has been seen on your screens and heard on your radios
for the past decade.  At present, she has no issues taking the shoe world by storm whilst also working as a freelance media personality.

Although media appears to be a natural fit for Powell, her early career aspirations were
to be a professional musician from a young age, having emotionally watched Shannon Noll sing his lungs out
on television only to be beaten by a much more worthy record label winning recipient in Guy Sebastian.

Powell first met Bianco when he unsuccessfully tried to media train her and her fellow media studying peers at a university radio station.

​It was at the same university radio station where it got Powell thinking about her former life as a semi professional dancer,
whilst also triggering her love for joining community media boards of management and podcasting about reality television.

When Powell isn’t heavily engaging with an audience via radio or television, she can be found assembling pieces of budget furniture or exercising equipment whilst running Dr Chris Brown and Zac Efron appreciation associations.

She can be found on the gram by searching @katherineepowell (Because one ‘e’ wasn’t enough)


Jack Missen is a ‘Radio Legend’ (Quote from Gretel Killeen circa 2017) and the brains trust behind the future award winning radio partnership of Bianco and Powell.

Missen is no stranger to community media, having worked as a successful Radio Producer and Executive Producer with The Student Youth Network up until July 2020 when he was officially declared “SYN Dead”.

His inspiration for getting in to radio was the character Baby Sinclair in the hit television series Dinosaurs.

Missen holds the record for the most photos taken with present and former commercial radio hosts, and for making the most amount of appearances in commercial radio stations across the country.

Missen’s main loves in life are producing good quality radio content, devouring filthy burgers and critiquing s*** coffee.

He can be found on social media through the Karl and Katherine facebook page & via the handle @KarlandKatherine on Instagram